Un aggiornamento // An update.

Friends, I’ve come to the homestretch, that place where the home plate seems so close, yet still so far away. I have wondered many times this past week: Am I going to make it? Are my weak ankles going to give out now? (There’s a little funny for anyone who knows my running woes.) Will I get out and ruin the game for everyone on my team?

The truth is, I have messed up a lot during this 3 1/2 month-long support raising process. I have felt like the biggest rookie (I’m not sure how all these baseball allegories came up, but I’m going with it and embracing the cheesiness), but my coach (you got it, the Lord) is so very gracious. He has given me 2nd, 3rd, 100th chances and has pushed me to keep training, keep building my endurance, keep eyeing the prize, which is Him regardless. Even when the fans are standing up, crossing their arms, and shaking their heads at me, doubting I’ll make it, God has whispered, “I have this, trust Me, I will be with you to the very end.” And it causes me to take a breath, thank the Lord, and know that “it is well with my soul.”

All baseball metaphors aside, August 1 is the day I am to have 100% of my funds raised so I can get on a plane to Bologna on September 9. Currently, I have 66% raised and God has provided that at such an astonishing rate. I have seen 20% come in in the past week alone. I am confident that He will bring in the last 34% as I continue to work these last 10 days.

Here is what those numbers actually mean:
I still need $781 in monthly support and $6,772 in one-time gifts.

It is certainly a big jump, but I was reminded the other day by one of my teammates Jonathan (I will introduce all of them in the coming days!) of Genesis 18:14: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” and how this question was posed to: a 90 year old Sarah expecting a baby, a wandering Israel in need of food and water in the desert, an exiled Israel in Babylon, and a virgin who is told she will bear a Son. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Please be praying for me, dear friends, and as always, comment below and let me know how I can be praying for you too!


10 thoughts on “Un aggiornamento // An update.

  1. Wow. The Lord is so, so good. Praying for refreshing days and leaps of joys as you finish so you can begin. 😉 (Also so we can go to HARRRRRRY POTTER world!! Love you sistaa

    • Thank you sister! He is truly good. And I am BEYOND excited to celebrate at HARRY POTTER WORLD AHHHHHH!!!! We shall drink butter beer and swish and flick our wands ALL OVAH dat place! 🙂 Love you so much!

  2. God’s opportunity for you to grow in him. Through the lesson in fund raising he is preparing you to bring the message of Christ to Italy. Kinda a basic training in evangelism. your going to have an even bigger week next week. I’m proud of you Love Daddy

  3. I love Jonathan’s Genesis reference! It’s all about our weakness and His strength. He just asks us to step out in faith and let Him do the rest! You got this Buggy!

  4. Or when a beautiful and healthy baby girl is born to a family that has been left hurting by a previous delivery experience. God is bigger than all of us and He is bigger than the sum of money you need. He will prevail for you! Love you with all my heart! :o*

  5. If this mortal family loves you this much, how much more does our Great God and Father love you and make all things possible.
    I’m part of this mortal family who loves you so much.


    • Just like Matthew 7:11! He is so gracious to us and blesses abundantly. I am so blessed to be in the same family as you, Nan! I love you very much! (And I’m proud that you again figured out how to comment :])

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