Mamma mia!


In case you were wondering, yes, I am practically a professional blogger now, because I am featured as a guest blogger today…on my mom’s blog. (AKA one of my biggest fans, and my best friend!) She is in Honduras this week with my step-dad, step-grandma, and step-sister, loving and ministering to people there, and graciously asked me to step in for a day.

You can view my blog post: here.

And, if you want to read another (amazing and well-kept) blog written by a redhead you should definitely follow hers: here!

Ciao amici!


One thought on “Mamma mia!

  1. Sounds like are part of a family with a lovely world view to share Christ. It’s so nice to meet you. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and for following Redemptions Beauty. It’s a privilege to have you join the conversations there.

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